Powerfull features to power your growth

Bring the power of automation to any data request, using just natural language. Visualize and build advanced web scrapers with custom logic, conditions, and filters. No code needed.



One product, unlimited use-cases

Our no-code web scrapers power an infinite number of use-cases which are only limited by your creativity.

Features 01
More data. Less code

Uncompromised Data Reliability

Our AI-powered web scrapers are built from the ground up to retreive the data you need, without the hastle of writing custom code.

  • Verifiable data
  • Flexible data defintiions
  • Multiple data export formats
Features 02
Better reliability.

Universal site support

Our specialized data agents support hundreds of different websites which have complex anti-bot protections.

  • Adaptive site support
  • Natural language schema
  • Automatic data point detection
Features 03
Complex queries

Query website data using natural language

Request data naturally, without any coding required. Webtap is powered by fine-tuned LLM's and natural language.

  • Natural language queries
  • Conversational UI
  • Multiple-language support

Other Features

With our meticulous design, speed and opinionated yet flexible interface, Webtap unlocks your full potential.

No Coding

Our interface is 100% natural language based, so you don't need to spend time wrangling code like other platforms.

Smart Crawling

Our crawlers learn as they crawl, so are constantly improving their accuracy and 'healing' when broken.

No Maintenance

We handle all of the crawler maintenance, which is the biggest paintpoint with traditional web crawling and scraping.

Click and Scroll Automation

Our crawlers handle complex tasks like scrolling, clicking and navigating websites that they are crawling.

Data Transformation

We automagically normalize data entities from the web pages we crawl and transform the data into JSON for export.

Powerful API & Integrations

*Coming soon. We are working on integrations with multiple platforms and a public api.

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